vrijdag, april 13, 2007

Ja, hallo! Het is vrijdag, hoor.

Lekker shoppen ... of naar het strand!!!
Of shoppen en dan naar het strand, of ...

donderdag, april 12, 2007

Nieuwe Kaipa

Op dit blog vanwege de geweldige illustratie (en natuurlijk vanwege de geweldige muziek).

New album and new guitar player.
In May 2007 KAIPA will release their 9th and brand new studio album “Angling feelings” on InsideOut Music. This is the first Kaipa album with new guitar player Per Nilsson. Kaipa’s mastermind and keyboard player Hans Lundin and Per are old friends and worked together recording the album “Hagen: Corridors of time” in the late 90’s. Per is nowadays mostly famous as the lead guitar player in Swedish metal band Scar Symmetry.

Hans has written all the songs for the new album and in co-operation with the other members Morgan Ågren, Jonas Reingold, Per Nilsson, Patrik Lundström and Aleena Gibson he has formed the final result.

Sound clips from the new album will be available at www.myspace.com/kaipa

Hans describes the birth of this album: During the summer of 2005 I worked with the Kaipa box and I didn’t make any attempt to write new music. When I started to write the songs for this album in October 2005 I was afraid that I was totally out of ideas but the fact is it was like opening a magical box and in less than three months most of the songs for the new album were written. With this album I allowed the music to find it’s own direction and sometimes flow in very unexpected directions but also to be very simple when I felt it was necessary. I wanted to make a progressive music but not in the traditional way. When I listen to the final result I think the best description of the music on this album would be: Progressive-fusion-folk-rock. The title track “Angling feelings” is inspired by Jan Ternald’s original artwork for the album and as a fact I think during the whole writing process I tried to keep up this positive vibe I find in this artwork. This is probably the most joyful and relaxed recording session I’ve ever been involved in and I hope you can hear it in the final result.

1. Angling feelings (6:43)
2. The glorious silence within (7:17)
3. The fleeting existence of time (12:37)
4. Pulsation (4:01)
5. Liquid holes in the sky (4:42)
6. Solitary pathway (4:05)
7. Broken chords (6:26)
8. Path of humbleness (9:29)
9. Where’s the captain? (4:23)
10. This ship of life (4:40)

Hans Lundin: Electric, acoustic and virtual keyboards, vocals
Per Nilsson: Electric guitars
Morgan Ågren: Drums
Jonas Reingold: Electric basses
Patrik Lundström: Vocals
Aleena Gibson: Vocals

Special guest: Fredrik Lindqvist: Recorders & whistles (Track 1, 2, 8, 9 & 10)

Release dates:

Germany Austria Switzerland: May 18th
Europe: May 21st
North America: May 22nd

woensdag, april 11, 2007

dinsdag, april 10, 2007

Hoort, de Winth waait ...

Nog 1 pagina en het eerste hoofdstuk van "Winth" is klaar.
Naast het vorm geven van "Winth" heeft Adri van Kooten ook toegezegd om mee te willen werken aan het Manga project "Oost ontmoet West".
Andere auteurs die hebben toegezegd zijn o.a. Wout Paulussen, Minck Oosterveer, Kees de Boer, Patty Klein, Ervin Suvaal, Pieter van Oudheusden, Aimee de Jongh, Andre Massee, Marissa Delbressine, Lectrr, Menno Kooistra en nog vele anderen. Begin juni hopen we een definitieve lijst te maken van de mensen die mee gaan werken.

Risty's cartoon

Vorig jaar maakte ik een serie van 9 cartoons. Dit is er 1 van.